Adi's Talk at the Poona Club


"In 1932 I went with Baba to England, then to Europe, Switzerland, where Baba sent me back to India for some work. Adi, Jr., accompanied Baba to America. In Switzerland we stayed at Lugano, lovely lakes, hotels. I stayed next to Baba's room, the other mandali were in another room. Baba's food and my food were served in His room. When Baba decided to take his food He asked me to sit down and take mine, but He never allowed me to finish. The moment I sat down to take it, on some pretext Baba would ask me to get up and bring something, water or soda water or Vichy water or whatever and I said 'All right. I got it.' 'Alright, alright!' Baba said. 'Sit down, take your food.' Again, I'm just putting a morsel in my mouth, and he said, 'I have finished taking my food, wash my hands!' So I get up and wash His hands. 'You sit down, take your food,' He says. Then as soon as I do, He says: 'Bring me a napkin to wipe my hands!' I get up and bring the napkin. 'Sit down and take your food!' I said, 'Yes, Baba, I am.' Then He says 'Bring me a tooth-pick.' I say 'Alright, Baba.'  

Courtesy of Awakener Magazine 


Meher Baba's Toothpick from Dr. Gohe'sr clinic, Meherazad.



Vesta Clinton says, “I was given this item in Baba's Room by Baba's doctor, Dr. Goher. She said it was given to Baba and also used to wrap cotton around for use by her with Baba.  Goher and I were cleaning Baba's Room and all the cupboards in summer of '76 when she gave me the little tube with the tooth picks."