There are seven types of sanskaras, seven types of colors, seven types of flights of imagination, and seven types of sounds. The reason all these have seven variations is that in the beginning of creation, with the start of the original whim in the Beyond Beyond state of God, there was a clash between Matter (Akash) and Energy (Pran), and Energy's powers were divided into seven forces.












Meher Baba's Seven Color Flag

The flag should be of seven colors.
The seven colors represent the seven planes of consciousness.
Red should be at the bottom of the flag, and sky blue at the top.
Besides representing the seven planes of consciousness, these colors also represent sanskaras - impressions.

1924 Meherabad


The Theme of Seven
Devotions of a Thousands of Suns

A Short Hermes Film

from Lawrence Reiter's

There are 7,000 highly advanced or mentally developed
human beings on Earth in the various seven planes of involution.
These 7,000 human beings in involution have very powerful minds
and have developed various occult or mental powers depending
upon their varying high level of involutionary development.
Their mental faculties have become very powerful
because their inner mind has become purified and
they use their mental powers for the benefit of the world.
Some live in a brilliance of an existence brighter than a billion suns.
Some live in a brilliance of an existence brighter,
more brilliant than a trillion suns of a universe.
Some live in a brilliance of an existence brighter,
more brilliant than a million universes.
Some live in a brilliance of an existence brighter,
more brilliant than a trillion universes.
Most of these advanced human beings are hidden from the world.
These 7,000 human beings use the brilliance of their mental powers
for the benefit of mankind and other living beings where they live.
These 7,000 human beings are alive on Earth in different parts
of the world at this very moment in time.
As various human beings enter the highest state
of Nirvana-Nirvikalpa and are liberated from the Universe,
other worthy human beings join to always number 7,000.
And within the brilliance of the mind of the Enlightened One,
the Buddha is all the light of the entire Universe!
In an average human being which are most people on Earth,
passive thoughts are more numerous than active thoughts.
The normal man or woman lives mostly resigned to inactivity;
he or she is, in fact, active very little in the mental sense.
Even while a man or woman is at work in an office or in a factory,
his or her real activity of mind or consciousness is confined
to a few periods of very short duration.
This means the normal human being lives in a subconscious state
even while he is awake and working or socializing, and this,
in turn, translates to mean that the normal person is asleep!
In the midst of a normal man's everyday work or socializing,
only a few conscious moments intermittently occur,
and the active-conscious mind thinking
during these conscious moments
discharges a flash of force compelling the body to move.



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