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Hoshang Dadachanji

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Hoshang Dadachanji
L.A Sahavas, Pilgrim Pines
July 1996
1 Hour 6 Minutes

Hoshang is Changi’s (the first secretary of Baba) nephew and brother to Nariman. It was at the engagement party for Nariman and Arnavaz on December 21, 1942 that Hoshang first met Baba. Although Hoshang did not know Baba was God, he knew Baba was an extraordinary person. The second meeting with Baba was at the marriage in 1944 between Nariman and Arnavaz. Nariman’s opportunity to meet Baba increased after the marriage because Baba would stay with Nariman and Arnavaz whenever Baba visited Bombay. Hoshang was asked to drive the car in Bombay, with Baba inside, looking for masts. Baba’s kindness, compassion, and consideration appealed to Hoshang. For example, when Baba met Hoshang’s grandmother who was about 90 years old, Baba hugged her and was very loving to her.

In this talk, Hoshang goes chronologically through the years when he met Baba, (3 incredible weeks in 1954, Guruprasad days) and shares his memorable experiences with Baba. Stories include Baba’s comments on a yogi walking on water, “Juda loves me most”, rubbing his nose on the floor in front of Baba, Baba’s concern with people’s family life, and Hoshang’s impression of his first meeting with Mehera.


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