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The Beloved Within
Charles Haynes
July 1993
Los Angeles Sahavas, Pilgrim Pines
52 minutes

The theme of this talk is Baba Living in Our Hearts. Jesus said, “The comforter will not come if I do not leave.” The Christ leaves so that He can come. When the Christ leaves, it is the beginning of His living in our hearts. Everything Baba did while He was living was for His coming into our hearts after He drops His body. This video is about Charles Haynes’ story of how Baba left Myrtle Beach in 1958 to come to live in Charles’ heart.

In 1958 Charles said goodbye to Baba. At this meeting, Baba gave Charles a handful of candy and ordered him to eat all the candy by himself … Charles was not to share the candy with anyone. This order lifted the sadness and after Baba left, Charles wondered if Baba remembered him. As the days passed and this thought reached its height of despair, a letter came, written by Mani, that a film of the 1958 Sahavas in Myrtle Beach was shown to the Mandali and Baba pointed out Charles in the film to the Mandali. This taught Charles that Baba knows your heart.

During Baba’s seclusions, Baba would push people to find Baba in their heart, by saying “Do your best and I will be there to help you.” So Charles tried to find Baba in his heart. In the 1962 East-West Gathering, Charles wondered if the Baba he was going to meet again was the same Baba that was in his heart. Baba in Charles’ heart had been his companion since 1958. Charles was assured after seeing Baba’s hand while waiting in line, that the physical Baba was the same as his Baba companion in his heart.

One event at Guruprasad convinced Charles that Baba truly lives in our hearts. Charles asked Eruch permission to come to Guruprasad the following day early, before the buses arrived. Eruch said you have to ask Baba, so Eruch pushed Charles to Baba. Baba said yes, and gave Charles a kiss. The next morning, Charles walked to Guruprasad early and when he peeked through the curtain he saw Baba alone, already waiting for the people to arrive. Rano asked Charles to say good morning to Baba, and when Charles walked up to Baba and looked into His eyes, Charles knew that Baba Is and Baba was complete. Baba wanted Charles to know that He is the nameless One that lives in our hearts.

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