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How I Came To Baba
Bernice Ivory
July 1993
Los Angeles Sahavas, Pilgrim Pines
1 hour 9 minutes

This is the story of Bernice Ivory (an “old” soul according to Baba) coming to Baba. Bernice met Baba in 1956 but her story begins much before this event. It was actually Bernice’s sister Beryl who was the spiritual seeker in the family. Beryl would go from one spiritual group to another, and got Bernice into meditation. Beryl was constantly looking for something more, but Bernice was satisfied with her meditation. In 1952, Bernice’s Father obtained tickets from a friend to hear a talk by Norina Machabelli. Bernice’s Father got sick and of course it was Beryl that used the ticket and went to hear Norina. After the talk, Beryl was excited about meeting a spiritual master and asked Bernice if she would like to go with her to Myrtle Beach to meet Him. Bernice wasn’t like Beryl and declined to go, but Bernice noticed a difference in Beryl after she returned from Myrtle Beach. One day Beryl gave Bernice a picture of Baba. When Bernice looked at the picture, her heart leapt out and this scared Bernice, so she hid Baba’s picture in her husband’s dresser drawer. Later, Bernice attempted to read the Discourse on Love, but all she got was a headache, after reading a few paragraphs. Bernice was disappointed in herself for not being able to read the Discourse and wondered what was wrong with her? When Bernice met Beryl again, Bernice heard a voice in her head saying “Don’t read the Discourse until you are ready.”

This is just the beginning of how Baba captured Bernice’s heart. Bernice tells her story in an open and personal way, with humor, e.g., when she tells of jumping into bed and covering herself with bed sheets as a result of a Baba spiritual experience. Bernice’s story is fascinating yet down-to-earth. Her story is a reminder of Baba’s infinite ways of capturing the hearts of His lovers.


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