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Charles Haynes
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Charles Haynes
July 1993
Los Angeles Sahavas, Pilgrim Pines
52 minutes

Charles Haynes met Baba as a boy in 1958 in the Lagoon Cabin in Myrtle Beach. Charles felt he was alone with Baba as everyone in the room receded from his vision. Baba was so expressive that Charles felt that Baba was speaking to him. Charles also met Baba in 1962. Charles was high with anxiety at this meeting because he knew he couldn’t take in as much of Baba as he wanted to. Baba grabbed Charles’ chin and shook it vigorously. It meant, relax, and don’t worry because Baba will give you exactly what you need.

Thus Baba has given Charles Haynes what he needed in this extremely insightful talk about what we can do to take advantage of the Baba’s availability: (1) Listen to Baba and (2) Nurture Baba

Listening to Baba takes trust and acceptance that Baba is speaking to us. Baba evokes answers from within and Baba is the one who awakens us to hear when He speaks. This awakening is what Baba worked for. It would have been easier for Baba to tell each person his/her destiny rather than to draw the answers from within each of us. However, the answers would not have meant anything if they didn’t come from deep within each person. Baba says, “Every moment I respond to all creation and being divine, my response is wholly from love.” We can work to listen to His response.

The analogy Charles uses for nurturing Baba within ourselves is the nurturing/caring the mandali gave Baba. If the mandali experience means anything, the mandali’s experience of nurturing/caring for Baba is the way Baba nurtured and cared for the mandali. Similarly our nurturing/caring for Baba is the opportunity and we want to mirror the way Baba nurtures/cares for us. Baba makes himself available to be nurtured. Baba has said He does not need us and He can do His work alone. But, He gives us the opportunity to nurture Him just like He gave the mandali the opportunity to nurture Him. It is no different now that Baba is not in the body.

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