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Faster Than Lightning
Sam Kerawala
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Sam Kerawalla
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Sam Kerawalla tells stories about Baba, Mohammed, and other perfect masters. Included in this video is Sam’s own story of how he was drawn closer to the Beloved through his own difficulties. Other topics included are:

1. In Poona, Baba used to hold meetings at the Fruit Experimental Station. One day, 2 Indonesian students came to meet the living Buddha. One of the students asked Baba for the meaning of the word “Infinite”. Baba answered the question in His own inimitable way.

2. Mohammed, in a conversion with the archangel Gabriel, asks how old he is.

3. Story of Tulsidas and his missed opportunity of receiving God’s grace.

4. A Slave’s love for Mohammed causes him to die of a broken heart when Mohammed drops His body.

5. Story of how Mohammed drew a family close to him. Mohammed helps a woman stranger by carrying her luggage/goods. During this activity the woman disparages a man named Mohammed, not knowing He is the one helping her.

6. Sarisacoti enters the spiritual path by following the advice of his slave: turn away from the world; keep the company of God; eat and sleep in moderation so that it does not become a barrier between you and God.

7. Baba in a playful mood tells visitors that he has given powers to Mani and Mani will answer any question.

8. Story of Vivekananda and Rama Krishna which emphasizes the doubting nature of mind.

9. While in a losing battle, Mohammed throws sand at the enemy army. The sand turns into a sandstorm and destroys the enemy.

10. Although in seclusion, Baba shows compassion to an old woman who wants his darshan.

11. A baby bird that was rescued a few months earlier, flies to Baba, lays its head on Baba’s feet, and dies.

12. An elephant garlands Baba at a circus.

13. Baba gives darshan and His nazar to Dr. Gadekar and family.

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