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For the Sake of Love
Havovi Dadachangi
Pilgrim Pines, 1996 Los Angeles Sahavas
57 minutes

The title for this talk was inspired by one of Baba’s telegrams urging His lovers to love Him more and more. Havovi Dadachangi, a long time lover of Baba, shares her story with us. Her Baba story starts in 1953 with her engagement to Hoshang Dadachangi. Havovi is Zoroastrian and she was named after Zoroaster’s wife, Havovi. Havovi did not know anything about Baba and the thought of God in human form was foreign to her. Havovi was not impressed before or after her meeting with Baba although Baba gave the sign of perfection after meeting her. She found reasons not to like Baba and would agree with people who openly slandered Baba. For example, Baba permitted smoking and her religion did not permit smoking (using sacred fire at the end of your lips is sacrilegious); Baba permitted marriage between caste and her religion did not. For seven years, Havovi would see Baba, not for love, but to keep harmony with her husband and relatives; and to keep an eye on her husband. When she met Baba lovers who described meeting Baba in dreams, she thought these people crazy. Havovi loved the women mandali, but did not understand their love and devotion to Baba.

Baba turned the key after seven years. There was no “Eureka” moment when Havovi suddenly loved Baba, but in the 1960s when she and her relatives went to Guruprasad regularly on the weekends to see Baba, her objections to Baba died and was replaced with love.

Other stories in this DVD include her sadra kusti story, novjote ceremony for her children, and other Baba related stories.


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