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Lord Meher

Bhau Kalchuri
July 1988
1 Hour 6 Minutes
Los Angeles Sahavas


Bhau Kalchuri, the author of Lord Meher (biography of Avatar Meher Baba), tells us his journey of becoming an author, playwright, and ghazal poet. The journey starts in 1958 when Baba asked Bhau to maintain a diary. Bhau protested that he did not have the time and Baba said not to worry. Over the years, Bhau wrote speeches for other mandali and was encouraged by Baba to write. Baba asked Bhau to try to write a play in Hindi about BabaBaba, to write 100 songs, and to translate the Everything and the Nothing from English to Hindi with the caveat to make it interesting. From this caveat, Bhau wrote God Alone Exist, as a prayer. Baba also taught Bhau the art of ghazal writing. Baba said Bhau’s works were better than Kabir’s.

In October 1968, Baba gave instructions to write a biography and He wanted the life of the five perfect masters included in this book. After Baba dropped the body in January 1969, Bhau collected material for the biography. From September 1971 to December 1972, Bhau wrote the Nothing and the Everything, Lord Meher, and other books. Bhau worked 15-18 hours a day, writing like a machine, and not thinking about what he was writing.

Bhau’s talk jumps from one period of time to another period of time, so it is hard to get a chronological sense of the events described in this video. What comes through loud and clear, in this video, is Bhau’s passion and joy talking about his Beloved.

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