The Unstruck Music of Meher Baba

Part Two
Compiled by Maud Kennedy, Heyford, Oxford. 1970
Published by friends of Meher Baba, England

(Days 1-182)
Age after age, when the wick of
righteousness burns low, the
Avatar comes yet once again to rekindle
the torch of Love and Truth.

Age after age amidst the clamour
of destruction, wars, fear and
chaos, rings the Avatar's call

Through the Love and co-operation of young Baba-Lovers
in England and their contributions to the Publishing
Fund, it was possible to have this book printed.

The greatest visible social power among us is still example. To behold in another the realization of our ideals, or what we wish were our ideals, is what impresses us most. The teacher that the Age wants is a living example of what all may become. It is the power of the lived or experienced Truth that we look for, not the mere utterance of the Truth... Therefore the only teacher that we can accept is one who has experienced God, or whatever we like to call the ultimate Reality. He must be one who has consciously bridged the gulf between time and eternity and can show others how to do likewise .....

That indeed, is how a teacher is recognized. He enables us to discover ourselves, to understand ourselves by his presence, simply by our awareness of him. We get through him a change of heart. He has the power to transmit grace, kindle love, bestow illumination. Above all he has abounding life. In him the idea has not only become thought as in philosophers, or inspiration as in poets, but flesh and blood. He is a living work of art. In such a teacher God in the heart becomes conscious. He can therefore awaken God in others.

Charles Purdom.

January 1st

Ultimately everyone and everything is God and that God, as Truth, can be realized through the Guru or the Master .... God as Truth, as He comes into our experience, after the disappearance of the limited and limiting ego-mind. God is an Unshakable and Eternal Truth. He reveals Himself and communicates Himself to those who love Him, seek Him and surrender themselves to Him, either in His Impersonal aspect, which is beyond name, form and time, or in His Personal aspect.
He is more easily accessible to ordinary man through the God-men, who have always come and will always come to impart Light and Truth to struggling humanity, which is groping mostly in darkness.

January 2nd

God is the Creator, Preserver and Destroyer of the universe which emanates from Him, is sustained by Him in His own Being and also is re-absorbed in Him. God alone is real and the universe is in the domain of illusion, even though it is the manifestation of God Himself.
The world or creation comes out of the eternal and infinite being of God through the creation-point which is referred to as "Om". No-one can attain lasting peace unless he contacts and transcends this Om point. We therefore find the sacred symbol Om often appearing in juxtaposition with the word "Shantih", which means peace.

January 3rd

Be you guided by Love and Truth; this is the simple way that leads to God. Not by the endless manoeuvring of alluring illusions, but by loyalty to the unchangeable truth can you hope to be established in abiding peace.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Just as darkness becomes invisible in sun light, so to those who are in the darkness of Maya God who is present in all places and at all times, is still invisible.

January 4th

Remember that although I do not perform miracles, I will give anything to whomsoever asks for it from the bottom of his heart. If I am Baba I can do anything. You ask wholeheartedly and you will get from me. But this I tell you too, - that the one who asks for my love will be the chosen one.
January 5th

The Path begins with a conscious longing for a deeper reality.
As the fish which is taken out of water longs to go back to the water, so the aspirant who has sensed the Goal longs to be united with God.
In fact the longing to go back to the source is present in each being from the very time that it gets separated from the source by the veil of ignorance, but it is unconscious of it till the person enters the Path.

January 6th

The Sufis call this attitude of mind "tauba" meaning repentance and implying "turning away from" or renouncing of the life of the senses for the life of the spirit. One who has taken this great step does not look back again at that which he has left behind ....
To cultivate discipline in one's self requires self-determination and honest effort if one desires to tread knowingly and consciously the path of love.

January 7th

Forgetfulness of the world makes one a pilgrim; forgetfulness of the next world makes one a saint; forgetfulness of forgetfulness is perfection......
I am the SUN which is hidden by the shadow of yourself. Cease thinking that you are your shadow, and you will find that the Sun which I am is your own Reality.


The unity and solidarity of the inner plane makes it possible for the Master to use his disciple as a medium for his work even when a disciple is unconscious of his serving this larger purpose of the Master. This is possible because the disciple, through his love and understanding of the Master as well as his obedience and surrender establishes a rapport between himself and the Master and comes into tune with him. Those who come into direct contact with the Master receive his direct help; and those who are closely connected with his disciple receive his indirect help.

January 9th

"Don't try to understand Me," says Baba. "It is impossible for your poor intellect.... Love Me and surrender yourself to Me. Do as I say. Don't question

"Long, long ago I lost myself and became God, but thank God I didn't lose my sense of humour ...

"I am the one so many seek and so few find. No amount of intellect can fathom me. No amount of austerity can attain me. Only when one loves me and loses one's self in me, am I found."

January 10th

God forgives sins in the sense that He does not eternally damn any one for his sins. He keeps the door of redemption open. Through repeated sincere prayers it is possible to effect an exit from otherwise inexorable working out of Karma. The forgiveness asked from God evokes from Him His inscrutable grace ... which alone can give new direction to the inexorable Karmic determination ... Divine grace is beyond all laws.

January 11th

To love the Master is to love all, not merely symbolically but actually; for what the Master receives on the subtle planes, he spiritualises and distributes; and thus He not only strengthens the personal links which the disciples may have with Him but also gives them the privilege of sharing His divine work....
Deep and intense love is called Bhakti or devotion - the lover (aspirant) breaks through his limitations and loses himself in the being of the Beloved (God).
January 12th

By allowing the mind to dwell upon the divine qualities, expressed in the life of the Master, the aspirant imbibes them into his being....
Appreciation of the divinity, perceived in the Master, gives rise to forms of meditation, in which the aspirant constantly and strenuously thinks of the Master as being an embodiment of qualities like Universal Love, complete detachment, egolessness, or steadfastness, Infinite knowledge or selfless-action.

January 13th

This form of meditation is very valuable when it is spontaneous; it then leads to a greater understanding of the Master and gradually remoulds the aspirant into the likeness of the Master, thus contributing to his self preparation for the realization of truth .........................
The purpose of every kind of Yoga .... is to lose the limited self by forgetting that self through service to others, through meditation and through love for God and gain the unlimited Infinite Self...

January 14th

14. MEDITATION (cont'd)
Complete identification of the Master with the spiritual ideal is responsible for removing such barriers as might exist between the aspirant and the Master. This gives rise to the release of unrestrained love for the Master and leads to the meditation of the heart, which consists in constantly thinking about the Master with uninterrupted flow of limitless love. Such love annihilates the illusion of separateness, which seems to divide the aspirant from the Master and it has in it a spontaneity which is hardly paralleled by other forms of meditation. Meditation of the heart is, in its final stages, accompanied by unbounded joy and utter forgetfulness of self.

January 15th

You are bliss itself. To make you aware of it I come amongst you and suffer infinite agony ...
It is to live in your hearts and to share in your lives that I have come among you.

Man's long-drawn sojourn through the wilderness of dual existence is a story of repeated blunders, ever tightening the grip of ignorance on his consciousness.
An easy prey to the guiles of Mayavic mirage, he gets enmeshed in its clutches. He goes astray in the feverish dreams of his vitiated imagination, with little prospect of launching on his homeward journey....
However, by a stroke of good luck, which is God's grace, he may stumble upon an exit through these mazes and get a glimmer of the limitlessness of the real.

January 17th

Those who have even preliminary acquaintance with the structure and the laws of the inner spheres of existence know that complete isolation of human beings is a fiction of imagination. Whether they desire it or not, all persons are constantly acting and interacting upon each other by their very existence even when they do not establish any contact on the physical plane. There are no limits to the spreading of the influence of man. The magnetic influence of the subtle spheres knows no barriers of national frontiers or any other conventional limitations. Good thoughts as well as evil thoughts, cheerful moods as well as gloomy moods, noble and expansive feelings as well as petty and narrow emotions, unselfish aspirations as well as selfish ambition - all these have a tendency to spread out and influence others, even when they are not expressed in words or deeds.

January 18th


To find the truth one not only has to depend upon analysis and intellect, but on the heart. Intellectual understanding is not so important as experience through the heart. God is the only Reality, and He cannot be analysed. Reason cannot reach Him. When one through love finds Him, one finds Him in everyone. We must seek God in everyday life. The goal of life is to know God, the Infinite One, in everyday life.... My love will help you to love God, as He ought to be loved.

January 19th

Ordinary persons are caught up in the universe and its allurements, though the entire universe is nothing but a shadow of God or Truth. The Masters are always immersed in the joy of union with God, and can never be caught in the mazes of the illusory universe....
One who lives for himself is truly dead and one who dies for God is truly alive.
The purpose of life is to realize our oneness with the Infinite; this can be achieved through love for God.

January 20th

Divine Love makes us (to be) true to ourselves and to others. It makes us live honestly, comprehending that God himself is Infinite Honesty. Divine Love is the solution to all our difficulties and problems. It frees us from every kind of binding. It makes us speak truly, think truly and act truly. It makes us feel one with the whole universe. Divine Love purifies our hearts and glorifies our being. I give you my Love and blessings.

January 21st

Meditation should not be resorted to with a heavy heart as if it were like taking castor oil. One has got to be serious about meditation; but this does not mean that the aspirant must always look grave or melancholy. Sense of humour and cheerfulness not only do not interfere with the progress of meditation but actually contribute to it. Meditation should not be artificially turned into a distasteful and tiresome thing; the aspirant should fully allow himself the natural joy which is attendant upon successful meditation, without getting addicted to it.

January 22nd

Meditation should be something like a picnic on the higher planes, like excursions into new and beautiful surroundings. Meditation brings with it a sense of enthusiasm, adventure, peace and exhilaration ...............
All thoughts of depression, fear or worry have to be completely cut out, if there is to be really successful meditation.
January 23rd.

What really matters is not aimless discontent with existing limitations but directive effort towards the established ideal. As long as the face of the person is turned towards the Sun and as long as he is trying to walk into His light, the shadows which encircle him, cannot be a serious handicap to his emancipation. In the same way, the aspirant need not worry too much about his failings, as long as his heart is firmly set-upon uniting with his spiritual ideal. His failings will have vanished into nothingness when his pilgrimage is at an end.

A child's trust in its mother is complete, because it leaves all its worries to her. She has to take care of it. So if we trust God and let him worry for us, we live contented and happy.

January 24th

To love me for what I may give you is not loving me at all. To sacrifice anything in my cause to gain something for yourself is like a blind man sacrificing his eyes for sight. I am the divine Beloved worthy of being loved because I am love. He who loves me because of this will be blessed with unlimited sight and will see Me as I am ............
Except God all things are like a passing show. God is never changing; all else is ever-changing ....
God does everything without doing anything. He who knows every-thing displaces nothing. To each one I appear to be what he thinks I am.

January 25th

Serve your Beloved God-man and you are serving your own Self in every other self. The service He expects is for your own spiritual benefit, but this service must be spontaneous, willing, wholehearted, unconditional and not expecting any reward. His service is an ordeal that tries the body, mind and spirit; or else wherein would the perfection of serving lie if it were to be easy and at one's convenience? The body suffers, mind is tormented, but the spirit of the selfless server of the Master experiences the bliss of satisfaction.

January 26th

Man or woman, rich or poor, great or small, each is under the spell of some sort of suffering. The relief from every kind of suffering is within ourselves, if we try, under all circumstances and in every walk of life, to think honestly, to act honestly and to live honestly.
When we put our whole-hearted faith in God, then relief will be found. We are already in possession of infinite power and happiness; but it is our way of life which prevents us from enjoying these eternal treasures of God.

January 27th

My mission is to utter this Word of Truth which will pierce the mind of the world and go to its very heart. It will convey the simple truth in its pure and indefinable simplicity. It will mark the moment of fulfilment of the Divine Life. It will bring new hope to despairing humanity. But for the fulfilment of the divinely ordained plan, it is necessary that humanity should throw away all its accumulated impediments and surrender unconditionally to the abiding love of God - the unfailing and supremely universal Beloved. God has to be accepted in all simplicity and not by laboriously proved intellectual conclusions.
January 28th

The Word that I will speak will go to the world as from God, not as from a philosopher. It will go straight to its heart. With the dawn of the realization of the Unity of all life, hatred and dissension will come to an end. There will be unfaltering love and unfailing understanding, and men shall be united in an inviolable brotherhood based on the realised oneness of God.

January 29th

In achieving good thoughts, good words and good deeds, one finds that good is not just something better than bad, nor merely the opposite of bad; and not-bad is not necessarily good. 'Good' and 'bad' are terms that reinforce illusory duality more than they remind one of divine unity. From the point of view of truth, thoughts, words and deeds are 'good' only when they are born of the longing for, or the love of, God, the one and only Truth.


A real fast for the mind is to have no thoughts at all, but ordinarily this is impossible. Knowingly or unknowingly, like breathing, thoughts keep coming and going, whether you are dreaming the dream of your life or the dreams in your sleep. You become completely free of thoughts only when you are in the state of sound sleep - the most original beyond-beyond state of God. But in sound sleep you also lose consciousness. Your mind is then temporarily at rest, but not freed of its impressions.

January 31st

The best way to cleanse the heart and prepare for the stilling of the mind is to lead a normal worldly life. Living in the midst of your day-to-day duties, responsibilities, likes and dislikes will help you. All these become the very means for the purification of your heart. This natural method depends for its success upon a clear idea of the force behind your thoughts, and the facts underlying your actions.

February 1st

The force behind your thoughts is the force of the impressions in your mind. The impressions are there due to your own previous actions. Actions are the cause of impressions and thoughts are but the expression of the impressions.
This being true, the more you try to check your thoughts, the more you interfere with the natural process of their expression. Sooner or later, with the added force produced by suppression, the impressions are bound to express themselves completely.

February 2nd

The Truth of action is that every action, significant or voluntary or involuntary, is at once impressed in turn upon your mind. Like a non-greasy stain, a light impression can be easily wiped out, but impressions caused by actions conceived in anger, lust or greed are hard to remove. In short, actions produce impressions, and impressions produce thoughts. Thoughts in turn tend to precipitate further action.


It is, therefore, most necessary for the aspirant to keep free from the idea "I do this", and "I do that". This does not mean that the aspirant is to keep clear of all activity through fear of developing this form of ego...... ..............

To avoid inaction on the one hand, and pride of action on the other, it is necessary for the aspirant to construct a provisional and "Working ego" which will be entirely subservient to the Master. Before beginning any activity, the aspirant should think that it is the Master who is getting it done through him......
By training his mind in this attitude, he succeeds in creating a new ego.... which is able to become a source of that confidence, feeling, and enthusiasm and "go" which true action must express.

February 4th

1. God reveals himself only to the mind which is entirely devoid of egoism and egotism.

2. We cannot witness even the threshold of the divine Path until we have conquered greed, anger and lust.

3. Do not get disheartened and alarmed when adversity, calamity or misfortune pour in upon you.

4. Do not try to find excuses or extenuating circumstances for your misdeeds.
5. Take good care of your body, but do not be a slave to it.

February 5th

Although it is good to have inner experiences, it is very dangerous to attach importance to them. If the aspirants are not warned then even petty experiences prove treacherous and hinder steady progress..... With the gross eye, gross things are seen; with the subtle or internal eye, the spiritual world and planes are seen; with the mental or spiritual eye, God is seen.

February 6th
The spiritual journey does not consist of gaining what a person does not have, but in the dissipation of ignorance concerning himself and life, and the growth of understanding which begins with spiritual awakening. To find God is to come to one's own Self ................................
Truth is God in experience - this process is the awakening of intuition in the human being, giving him an expansion of consciousness that he has never known before.
Our very life should be such as to be God's Message of Truth in the world. In our every day life of worldly duties, if Love – Service - Honesty is manifested, renunciation is achieved without renouncing the world.

February 7th

Spirituality truly means the life of the spirit. It is to be lived and experienced. It makes you firm like a rock and neither worldly sorrows nor pleasure upset you. You attain to the state where desires end, and you want nothing. When you do not want anything, you have everything - happiness, eternal peace of mind and contentment. The state of desirelessness or of wanting nothing is a faculty latent in everyone.
It is within you and you must find it out and experience it.

February 8th

I am the one so many seek and so few find. No amount of austerity can attain me. Only when one loves me and loses one's self in me, am I found... From the Beginning of all beginnings I have been saying, I say it now, and to the End of ends I will say it that "he who loves God becomes God."

February 9th

One who hears the music of God in his heart - such wonderful music, for it is the original music - loses his bodily consciousness and sees God everywhere ....... Once you see God within you, you get that conviction (of God). There is no more doubt. Then there is the experience of infinite bliss.


God is within everyone. He is in all of us Infinite, All-Powerful. The helplessness that you feel now, here as you are in the body, is all illusion. It is the veil between you and God. The veil of what? That veil is the veil of ignorance. Once you come to know that the body is not real and this body is not you, then that veil of ignorance is lifted.

February 11th

Once you see God within you, you get that conviction (of God). There is no more doubt. Then there is the experience of infinite bliss ... If those who love Me will just for one minute, as now, be silent in their minds just before they go to bed, and think of Me and picture Me in the silence of their minds, and do that regularly, then this veil of ignorance that we have will disappear, and this bliss that I speak of and which all long for, we shall experience.

February 12th

I perform no miracles and will perform none, until I manifest on breaking My outward silence. Then I will perform the one and only miracle, whose greatness and glory you can not even imagine, and which will benefit not only those around Me, but the whole world - each and every being in consciousness.... The moment I break My silence and utter that original Word, the first and last miracle of Baba in this life will be performed. When I perform that miracle I won't raise the dead, but I will make those who live for the world dead to the world and live in God. I won't give sight to the blind, but will make people blind to illusion and make them see God as Reality.

February 13th

I want you to make Me your constant companion. Think of Me more than you think of your own self. The only message I could give and have been giving is "Love God", and you will find that your own self is nothing but God.
God cannot be theorized.
God cannot be discussed.
God cannot be argued about.
God cannot be explained.
God cannot be understood.
God can only be lived by losing ourselves in Him through LOVE.


I am never born. I never die. Yet every moment I take birth and undergo death. The countless illusory births and deaths are necessary in the progression of man's consciousness to Truth - a prelude to the Real Death and Real Birth. The Real Death is when one dies to self; the Real Birth is when dying to self one is born in God to live for ever his Eternal Life consciously.

February 15th

There is, besides our two external eyes, one internal eye. This eternal eye, which may be called the spiritual eye, really sees through the external eyes, and is located between the two eyebrows. Saints see
God with the internal eye and the world with the external eyes .......
Each one of the Christian mystics was my gem, each was a lover of God. Jesus was their Beloved, and they did nothing but love their Beloved. They were burning with Love that burned their sins to ashes.

February 16th

In the material world every bit of money counts. In the subtle world every ounce of energy counts. In the mental world every force of thought counts. In the Beyond-State only God counts, and in the realm of the God-man everything counts as nothing and nothing counts as everything. Science as it is understood deals with energy and matter. This is in the domain of the mind. There is also spiritual science which deals with the beyond-mind state. Material science brings results through the intellect, spiritual science through love. When Love is fully experienced, the source of spiritual science, which is God, is realised and all else is then discovered to be illusory.

February 17th


Science is a help or hindrance to spirituality according to the use to which it is put and therefore it is a mistake to look upon science or its practical application as anti-spiritual. As art, when rightly practiced, can be the expression of spirituality, science, if properly handled, can be the expression and fulfilment of the spirit.... Spiritual science based on love alone is beyond mental understanding. It is full of apparent contradictions which love alone can face and overcome. Whereas material science enhances the ego-life, spiritual science annihilates it, and leads into the "I-am-God" state of becoming God. In fact, the end of all human questioning is God. The core of existence and the one and only Reality.

February 18th

Infinite bliss is bliss eternal and continual and because it is perpetual it is without any opposite aspects. Happiness on the other hand, although linked with infinite bliss, is not perpetual and therefore it has an opposite aspect of misery.
One must contact the ocean of unfading bliss within, and be free of the limiting duality of "I" and "you", to unveil the perennial spring of imperishable sweetness which is within each and all.

February 19th

The One All-pervading, All-comprehending, All-powerful God, who is the Self of ourselves, and besides whom nothing is real..... When the false self is lost the Real Self is found; the birth of the Real can follow only the death of the false; and dying to ourselves - the true death which ends all dying - is the only way to perpetual life. This means that when the mind with its desires, cravings and longings, is completely consumed by the fire of Divine Love, then the infinite, indestructible, indivisible, eternal Self is manifested. This is Manonash, the annihilation of the False, limited, miserable, ignorant, destructible 'I', to be replaced by the real 'I', the eternal possessor of Infinite knowledge, Love, Power, Peace, Bliss and Glory, in its unchangeable existence.

February 20th

51. FOOD
I allow vegetarians to follow their own diet and non-vegetarians to eat meat. I do not interfere with any custom or religion. When faced with love for God these matters have no value. Love for God is self-denial, mental control and ego annihilation.

Love has no limit, but the mind is in the way. This hitch cannot be removed without my grace. It is impossible to be removed because mind has to annihilate itself.


No-one can understand My ways. I am beyond your understanding. Only Perfect Masters can know Me and My ways.
As you all become more intimate with Me, with opportunities to come closer to Me, all that is good and all that is bad, come out.... My proximity, the intimacy with Me, just change that mass of sanskaras and sometimes you find sparks of good and bad flying out.

February 22nd

In spite of all explanations and reading of books, words remain words. They do not take one any further than mere intellectual satisfaction. Only Love for God works the miracle, because love is beyond mind and intellect. Where then is the necessity to read? I authoritatively say: I am the Ancient One. I have been saying this to all the world. If you love me with all your heart, you shall be made free eternally.

February 23rd

Begin to love God by loving your fellow beings. Begin to see God by seeing Him in all beings and things. Give without thought of return, serve without thought of reward. God is everywhere, in everything. Most of all He is right within yourself. You do not exist for the world, the world exists for you.

February 24th

I am the Ancient One, the One residing in every heart. Therefore love others, make others happy, serve others, even at discomfort to yourself: this is to love Me. I suffer for the whole universe.
I must suffer infinitely; unless I suffered, how could I ask My lovers to suffer for others? I am One with all on every level; I am One with all on every plane of consciousness; and I am beyond all planes of consciousness.


The form, beauty, music and bliss of the NAD (original divine sound of creation) is beyond description. It is one and the same Universal Being, God, who plays the different roles of stone, metal, vegetable, dumb animal and human being, and through the existence of each of them experiences His own gross and subtle manifestations. It is the same indivisible Being, who, through the existence of a realized and spiritually perfect person, experiences His own real State which is beyond the gross and subtle planes.

February 26th
Universal MIND and Infinite Consciousness have infinite ways of working universally. So whichever work one of Infinite Mind and Universal Consciousness does it reverberates throughout the universe and produces reflex action. If he fasts, the result of His fasting is felt by the whole universe spiritually.
A Master's working is always for the spiritual end. If He observes silence, the same result is brought about.

February 27th

To follow the spiritual path and to enable the mind to accept the spiritual, the material needs to an extent must be satisfied. So when I, with My own hands, give food and clothing to the poor, the result will be that the world will gain its economic and material welfare. When I give the mad and the lepers a wash, the effect will be that those of sub-normal consciousness and lepers will either get cured or their future births will be greatly minimized.
February 28th
59. Being the total manifestation of God in human form, the Avatar is like a gauge against which man can measure what he is and what he may become. He trues the standard of human values by interpreting them in terms of divinely human life.

February 29th

Knowingly or unknowingly man is ever seeking the Goal, which is to realize his true Self. The very nearest and innermost to man is his Soul, but the humour of it is he feels far, far away from It. There appears to be no end to his journeys towards the Goal, through the numberless highways and by-ways of life and death, although in fact there is no distance at all to cover. Having achieved full consciousness as man, he has already arrived at his destination, for he now possesses the capacity to become fully conscious of his Soul. Still he is unable to realize this divine destiny because his consciousness remains completely focussed on his inverted, limited, finite self - the mind - which, ironically, has been the means of achieving consciousness....
All illusion comes and goes, but the Soul remains unchanged. What is meant by God-Realization is to actually experience this important thing - that the Soul is eternal.

March 1st

61. LOVE
Love is the reflection of God's unity in the world of duality. It is the significance of creation. If love were excluded from life, all souls in the world would assume externality from each other, and their only possible relations and contacts would be superficial and mechanical. It is because of love that the contacts and relations between individual souls become significant; and it is love which gives meaning to every happening in the world of duality. But the love that gives meaning to the world of duality is a standing challenge to it.
As love gathers strength, it generates creative restlessness and becomes the spiritual dynamic which ultimately succeeds in restoring to consciousness the original unity of being.

March 2nd

The ego which is entirely subservient to the Master is not only indispensable and spiritually harmless, but contributes directly to the spiritual advancement of the aspirant, because it brings him closer and closer to the Master, through the life of selfless service and love.
The constant inward contact with the Master which it fosters (i.e. through identification, repetition of his name, thinking of him with love, imaging him, following his instructions, studying his teachings, etc.) makes him particularly amenable to the special help which the Master alone can give.

March 3rd 63. AN INSTRUMENT (continued)
The aspirant who renounces the life of an uncurbed and separative ego in favour of a life of self-surrender to the Master, is through this new subservient ego, operating as an instrument in the hands of the Master. It is in reality the Master who is working through Him. And just as an instrument has a tendency to go wrong while in use, the seeker is also likely to get out of order when working in the world. From time to time the instrument has to be cleansed, overhauled, re-paired and set right. In the same way, the aspirant who, during his work, may have developed new perversities, entanglements and shelters for the personal ego, has to be put into working order, so that he can go ahead in his spiritual sojourn.
March 4th

To lead men and women to the heights of Realization, we must help them to overcome fear and greed, anger and passion. These are the result of looking upon the self as a limited separate, physical entity, having a definite physical beginning and a definite physical end, with interests apart from the rest of life, and needing preservation and protection.
The Self in fact is a limitless, indivisible, spiritual essence, eternal in its nature and infinite in its resources. The greatest romance possible in life is to discover this Eternal Reality in the midst of infinite change.

March 5th

65. REALIZATION (continued)
Once one has experienced this one sees oneself in everything that lives, one recognises all of life as his life, everybody's interest as his own. The fear of death, the desire for self-preservation, the urge to accumulate substance, the conflict of interests, the anger of thwarted desires are gone. One is no longer bound by the habits of the past, no longer swayed by the hopes of the future. One lives in and enjoys each present moment to the full. There is no greater romance in life than this adventure in Realization.

March 6th

One day, when a friend gave me a small booklet on the Buddha, I opened the book to the place that told about the second coming of the Buddha, as Maitreya, the Lord of Mercy, and I realized all of a sudden 'I am that, actually, and I felt it deep within me. Then I forgot about it, and years passed by. Babajan called me one day as I was cycling past her tree, she kissed me on the forehead; and for nine months, God knows, I was in that state to which very, very few go.

March 7th

The great initiator of the Truth of your being is Divine Love - Love that burns the limiting self, that disarms all fears, that rises above temptations, that is deaf to the voices of lust, greed and jealousy, that expresses the infinite spiritual potential. Those in the film world have also to play their part unreservedly in the divine game of life, aspiring to the highest within them; then only can they find real beauty, and then only can they fully express it.

March 8th

Man cannot permanently escape his own Divine Self and must inevitably yield to the life-giving Truth, which finally overtakes him, not in the form of a skilfully woven structure of dry and intellectua1 tenets, but in the form of an Incarnation or Living Manifestation. It then becomes an irresistible and emancipatory power, challenging the false without compromise and releasing the limitless Divine Life of Love and understanding.

March 9th

69. INTUITION (continued)
Man can be dislodged from the sandy land of empty words only when he voluntarily and hole-heartedly surrenders himself to a Perfect Spiritual Master, who in his example brings to him the religion of Life.
The Religion of Life is not fettered by mechanically repeated formulae of the unenlightened purblind intellect. It is dynamically energized by assimulation of the Truth, grasped through lucid and unerring intuition, which never falters and never fails, because it has emerged out of the fusion of head and heart, intellect and love.

March 10th

The Master is important and indispensable in spiritual life, not only because he shows the Path, but also because he takes the disciple to the goal. Because of his unity with the One Divine Self, which is in all selves, the Master becomes the Divine Beloved, for the disciple. The Master as Truth represents the highest Self of the disciple......

March 11th

71. continued
and therefore has supreme and unquestionable claim to the undivided loyalty and unqualified surrender from the disciple. It is only when the disciple dedicates his entire life to the Master, with complete and unswerving faith, that he can fully benefit from the unfailing and abundant life-current which flows to him from the Master.

March 12th

Purity, love and service are watchwords of the spiritual life.... only a Perfect Master, who is the veritable incarnation of Divinity can awaken in the individual the fire of Divine Love which consumes in its flames the lesser desires of the body, mind and world, all of which must be completely relinquished before Perfection can be realised. If worldly desire and anger take hold of your mind, then no matter how much you may practice tapa-japa (austerity and asceticism) and meditation, you are still entangled in the toils of Maya. Maya is the source of all worries, anxieties and troubles...

March 13th

To those who are in the darkness of Maya, God, who is present in all planes and at all times is still invisible. As soon as the clouds of sanskaras pass away, we begin to see the sun of God in His pristine glory.
All those who experience the gross world as real are asleep. Only those who experience it as unreal can realise God and become awakened... look for God. God loves those who seek Him, and when we seek Him with all our hearts, we find Him in ourselves. I give you My LOVE, that love which will eventually help you to find God.

March 14th
In order to enter upon the Divine Path it is necessary to purify the mind, to abstain entirely from carnal pleasures or sense enjoyments and to love the Truth. He is a real aspirant who escapes the snares of Maya, speaks the truth, holds by the truth and seeks truth only.

March 15th

There will be no more explanations. I will play marbles with you! I am so full of humour and so human that it is difficult even for rishis and saints to know me as I am. I am at every level and act according to that level. With a child I am a child; with the highest saints I am one with them. It is my nature to be absolutely natural, even with the beloved God, who is one with me, and I with Him.

March 16th

God is infinite honesty, and unless we love Him honestly we cannot know Him. Though beyond understanding the heart full of love can understand the un-understandable. If you love God you become one with Him; that is the only thing. And you can love God...... Honesty is the keynote to Divinity. He who can love God honestly can lose himself in God and find himself as God.

March 17th

Trust God completely and He will solve all difficulties. Faithfully leave everything to Him and He will see to everything. Love God sincerely and He will reveal Himself. And as you love, your heart must love so that even your mind is not aware of it. As you love God whole-heartedly and honestly sacrificing everything at the altar of this supreme love, you will realize the Beloved within you.

March 18th

In the meanwhile mankind must await, according to this Final Decision, the witnessing of all that is to come to pass as ordained by God. This is the time when man must love God more and let him die for God. In all his thoughts, in all his words and in all his actions love for God alone must prevail.

March 19th
79. WHO AM I?
The initiative of all initiatives, the foremost Lahar or spontaneous urge on the part of God to ask himself "Who Am I?" was God's declaration; creation was then necessary for its clarification; the evolution of perfect consciousness in man is its confirmation, and involution - the transformation of human consciousness into God consciousness - concludes in the decision that throughout God was God and never anything other than God......

March 20th

"Try to forget what you think you already know...... you say you want God-realization. It is all superficial. I want to warn all who approach me that they should not expect health, wealth, wife or children from me. I tell you that those who have associated with me through love have suffered complete material pain. History records this. All I give is God. I want only Love."

March 21st

There are three kinds of seekers: 1) One who says: "I know God is within me, and I have to seek and find him." But he has no courage and his rebirths continue. 2) One who says: "I know God is within me, and I have to seek and find him within." He has courage, plunges into the river and is drowned. He feels he has no need of a Master. 3) One who says: "I know God is within me, and I have to seek and find him within myself." He has courage and obeys the Master. If the Master says "Drown yourself," he will throw himself into the river, but the Master saves him, for he is there.

March 22nd

Although I appear to be quite different in every Avataric period, I always am and always remain the same from beginning to end. I live the worldly life that is lived by the people in order to help them live the divine life that I live simultaneously.
To be established in the hearts of the people, I need no religious organisation. On the contrary, religious organisations need me in order to be established after me. Those who do not love me fail to understand me; and those who do not realize my divinity fail to understand it.

March 23rd

Do not give undue importance to explanations and discourses. Words fail to give any meaning to Reality; because when one supposes that one has understood, one has not understood; one is far from understanding anything so far as Reality is concerned. Reality is beyond human understanding. The moment you try to understand God you misunderstand Him; you miss Him when you try to understand him. Reason must go before knowledge dawns.

March 24th

All this is a show, fun, a play. Mind must go, because the play lies in the mind. And the play is that mind must annihilate itself. Only manonash (annihilation of mind) takes one to reality. There is a way to annihilate the mind. The way is love. Just consider ordinary human love: when a man or woman is deeply in love with his or her partner, nothing comes between them. There is neither admiration nor fault finding. There is total absence even of exchange of thought: love prevails without thoughts.... this brings about a state similar to trance.
If ordinary human love can go so far, what should be said of the height of love divine?

March 25th

The only miracle for a perfect One is to make others perfect too, to make them realize the Infinite State, which he himself enjoys. That is a real miracle.... otherwise miracles have nothing to do with Truth at all.

March 26th

Those on the subtle planes have different experiences from those on the gross plane. The angle of vision completely changes but all is still illusion. On the mental plane you see wonderful things. Your vision changes and you see illusion from a different angle. But you have to go beyond illusion; then the gross, the subtle, the mental and God are all here. Don't think that the gross, the subtle, the mental are higher or lower than each other - all are here. It is your angle of vision that makes the difference. You begin to see more deeply into the subtle, then more deeply into the mental sphere, then you take a complete turn and see yourself as infinite. Nothing remains but yourself. Have you any idea of that bliss? It is continual without a break, everlasting, never-changing.

March 27th

1. In the Beyond-Beyond state of God there is 'Unconscious Inaction'.
2. In the state of God-realization there is 'Conscious Inaction'. This is not the state of Perfection but of Liberation (Najaat). In this state there is absolute tranquility which gives rise to infinite power, knowledge and bliss.
3. In the Intermediate State there is 'Conscious Action'. Actions promote sanskaras. Sanskaras in turn breed more actions and create bindings; in this state there is bondage.
4. In the state of Majzoob of 7th plane there is 'Unconscious Action'.
5. In the state of perfect Master there is 'Conscious Active Inaction'.

March 28th

Perfect Masters are free of sanskaras: they have no impressions. As such, there cannot be room for actions of their own: their life is one of inaction but made active because of the prevailing environmental circumstances. Actions of Perfect Masters are prompted by the environmental atmosphere prevailing.

March 29th
1. Do not shirk your responsibilities.

2. Attend faithfully to your worldly duties, but keep always at the back of your mind that all this is Baba's.
3. When you feel happy, think: 'Baba wants me to be happy'.
4. Be resigned to every situation and think honestly and sincerely 'Baba has placed me in this situation'.

5. With the understanding that Baba is in everyone try to help and serve others.

March 30th

God is not to be lured but is to be loved.

God is not to be preached but is to be lived.

God is not understood until He is understood as infinite Love.
God is infinite honesty. To love God you must be honest.
Nothing is real but God.
Nothing matters but Love for God.

March 31st

Everything and everyone in the universe is constrained to move along a path which is prescribed by its past. There is an inexorable 'must' that reigns over all things large and small...... The freedom that man seems to enjoy is itself subject to inner compulsions: and the environmental pressure, which limits the scope of reactions or moulds the reacting self, is itself subject to the inexorable 'must' which is operative in the past, present and future.

April 1st

Beloved God is all.
What is then the duty of the lover?
It is to make the Beloved happy without sparing himself. Without giving a second thought to his own happiness the lover should seek the pleasure of the beloved. The only thought a lover of God should have is to make the Beloved happy.
Thus you stop thinking of your own happiness and give happiness to others, you will then indeed play the part of the lover of God, because Beloved God is in all.

April 2nd

But, while giving happiness to others, if you have an iota of thought of self, it is then not love but affection. This tends to seek happiness for the self while making others happy.
As for example (1) A husband's affection for his wife. The husband wants to give happiness to his wife, but while doing so he thinks of his own happiness too. (2) A mother's affection for her child. From this affection the mother desires happiness purely out of giving and seeking happiness for her child.

April 3rd

Man being unconscious of actually possessing the never-ending continually conscious experience that God is everything and all else is nothing, for him everything is everything: Air is. Water is. Fire is. Earth is. Light is. Darkness is. Stone is. Iron is. Vegetation is. Insect is. Fish is. Bird is. Beast is. Man is. Good is. Bad is. Pain is. Pleasure is - and thus there is no end to what else is, until he arrives at 'nothing is' and instantaneously he realizes "God is".
April 4th

95. GOD IS (continued)
It is not easy for man to accept and keep on accepting under all circumstances that God is. Even after his firm acceptance that God Is, it is supremely difficult though not impossible for him to realize that he has firmly accepted. And realization means that instead of being fully conscious that he is man, man becomes fully conscious that he is God, was God, has always been God.

April 5th

Before he can know Who he is, man has to unlearn the mass of illusory knowledge he has burdened himself with on the journey from unconsciousness to consciousness. It is only through love that you can begin to unlearn, thus eventually putting an end to all that you do not know. God-love penetrates the illusion, while no amount of illusion can penetrate God-love. Start learning to love God by beginning to love those whom you cannot. You will find that in serving others you are serving yourself. The more you remember others with kindness and generosity, the less you remember yourself, the more you forget yourself. And when you completely forget yourself, you find me as the Source of all Love.

April 6th

Desires and longings are the root cause of all suffering. The only real desire is to see God, and the only Real longing is to become one with God.
This Real Desire and Longing frees one from the bondage of birth and death. Other desires and longings bind one with ignorance. To desire the Real Desire and to long for the Real Longing you need my Grace; and you cannot have that until you surrender all other desires and longings to me. Your love for me will help you to desire the Real Desire and longing for the Real Longing which are by my Grace.

April 7th

By loving Me you will receive my liberating Love,
By loving Me you will get established in my abiding peace,
By loving Me you will get the untarnished clarity of head and
My Love will break asunder the chains that bind you,
My Love will restore to you your divine dignity,
No more shall you wander aimlessly in the values of the false.

April 8th

Not by seeking individual happiness or safety, but by again and again offering one's life in the service of others is it possible to rise to the unsurpassed completeness of realized Truth. God is not to be sought by running away from life but by establishing unity with the One in the many.
Purity, love and service are the elements of Spiritual life.

Apri1 9th

God is infinitely more vital to your existence than your breath which is your very life. Ordinarily, life is associated with breath; but you only become aware of this when breath is restricted through exertion, and you only completely realize this when breath is cut off altogether as when drowning.
Similarly, you only become aware that God is your existence when you pant for Him, and you only finally realize Him when you drown in His ocean of divine Love.

April 10th

As the aspirant advances on the Path he acquires through contact with the Master an increasingly deeper understanding of love, which makes him sensitive to contempt, callousness, apathy and hatred. This will try his forbearance to the uttermost. Even worldly men find the world indifferent or hostile, but their suffering is less acute, because they do not expect anything from human nature and think these things inevitable. But the aspirant knows the hidden possibilities in every soul, and his suffering is acute because he feels the gulf between that which is and that which might have been.

April 11th

Through ages of darkness and suffering, mankind awaits me and my Truth. I and the Truth which I bring are inseparable, one from the other. I am one with the Truth. May you all, too, break through the numberless cages and realize that you are One with the limitless Truth of divine life. The divine Beloved is always with you, in you and around you. Know that you are not separate from Him.

April 12th

The God-Man may be said to be the Lord and Servant of the Universe at one and the same time. He showers spiritual bounty on all in measureless abundance, and as one who bears the burden of all and helps them through spiritual difficulties, he is the Servant of the Universe. Just as he is the Lord and Servant in one, so he is the supreme lover and the matchless Beloved. The love, which he gives or receives frees the soul from ignorance.

April 13th

God-realization is the goal of creation. All earthly pleasure is a shadow of the eternal bliss of God-realization; all mundane knowledge is a reflection of the absolute truth of God-realization; all human might is but a fragment of the infinite power of God-realization. All that is noble, beautiful and lovely, all that is great and good and inspiring in the universe, is an infinitesimal fraction of the unfading and unspeakable glory of God-realization.

April 14th

105. LOVE
...Love is its own excuse for being. It is complete in itself and does not need to be supplemented by anything else. The greatest of saints have been content with their love for God, desiring nothing else. Love is not love if it is based on expectations. In the intensity of Divine Love, the lover becomes one with the Divine Beloved.

April 15th

Love for God alone can annihilate the falsity of the limited ego, the basis of life ephemeral. It alone can make one realize the Reality of one's Unlimited Ego, the basis of Eternal Existence continually expressing itself; but shrouded in the veil of ignorance, man misconstrues his Indivisible Ego and experiences and expresses it as the limited separate ego.

April 16th

107. TRUTH
Man cannot permanently escape his own Divine self and must inevitably yield to the life-giving truth which finally overtakes him, not in the form of dry and intellectual tenets, but in the form of an Incarnation or LIVING MANIFESTATION - the AVATAR. It then becomes an irresistible and emancipatory power, challenging the false without compromise and releasing the limitless Divine Life of love and understanding. Man can be dislodged from the sandy land of empty words only when he voluntarily and whole-heartedly surrenders himself to a Perfect Master, who in his example brings to him the Religion of Life.

April 17th

The Master is important and indispensable in spiritual life, not only because he shows the path but also because he takes the disciple to the Goal. Because of his unity with the ONE Divine Self which is in all selves, the Master becomes the Divine Beloved for the disciple.

April 18th

The Master as truth represents the highest self of the disciple and therefore has supreme and unquestionable claim to the undivided loyalty and unqualified surrender from the disciple. It is only when the disciple dedicates his entire life to the Master, with complete and unswerving faith, that he can fully benefit from the unfailing and abundant life-current which flows to him from the Master.

April 19th

To penetrate into the essence of all being and significance and to release the fragrance of that inner attainment for the guidance and benefit of others, by expressing, in the world of forms, truth, love, purity, and beauty - this is the sole game which has any intrinsic and absolute worth. All other happenings, incidents and attainments can, in themselves, have no lasting importance.

April 20th

In the bondage of duality there is good and there is bad, but in reality everything but God is zero. Maya, which causes you to mistake illusion for reality, is present for you but not for me. For me, only I AM, and nothing else exists. It therefore means nothing for me to forgive, and everything for you to be forgiven.
Forgiveness consists in loosening the bindings of duality in maya, which makes you feel and find the ONE in the many. Therefore 'I forgive you' amounts to the loosening of your bindings.
Although it takes a lot of time to build a big stack of hay a single lighted match can burn all of it in no time at all. Similarly, regardless of the accumulated dirt and refuse of sins, divine forgiveness burns them away in no time.

April 21st

This is about the God-Man, the one that is expected. When he comes all are blind to it. But he brings with him a thick cloud of compassion that bursts and gives a shower of compassion. All expect him - men, winds, clouds, trees, all - but none sees him, all are blind to him, but he showers his love and compassion on all beings and things.

April 22nd

True religion consists in developing that attitude of mind which should ultimately result in seeing the One Infinite Existence prevailing throughout the universe; when one could live in the world and yet be not of it and at the same time be in harmony with everyone and everything; when one could attend to all worldly duties and affairs and yet feel completely detached from all their results; when one could see the same Divinity in art and science, and experience the highest consciousness and indivisible bliss in everyday life.

April 23rd

The time is rapidly approaching when a tidal wave will rise in the ocean of grace. Then the usual process by which the water in the rivers flows into the ocean will be reversed and the ocean water will rush through the river beds. Be prepared to receive this over-flow of grace.....

Drown all sound in My SILENCE, to hearken My Word of words.

April 24th

115. THE NET
You can also entrust your mind to Me by remembering my name in your heart as often as you can. Remember Me so often that your mind is at a loss to find other thoughts to feed on.....

Let My name serve as a net around you so that your thoughts, like mosquitoes, may keep buzzing around you and yet not sting you. In that manner you can prevent unwanted thoughts turning into unwanted actions, and thus eventually bring your heart to the purification required for me to manifest therein.

April 25th

The five greatest 'thieves' in the world are the five living Perfect Masters of their time. They often steal the hearts of people, and periodically they also steal Me and bring me down amongst you. Again and again I must become what I am, and each time this is due to the five Perfect Masters.

Wherever I may be, at whatever time, it will always be due to those five.

I never come of my own wish. It is always the five Perfect Masters who bring Me down in each Avataric period. Those five hold the key to all of creation - which holds a number of universes.

April 26th

Love and happiness are the only important things in life: and they are both absent in the dry and factual knowledge which is accessible to the intellect. Spirituality does not consist of true values but in their realization. It is this knowledge of inner realization which is worthy of being called spiritual understanding, and this is far more dependent on the heart than on the mind.
Knowledge of the intellect alone is on the same footing as mere information; and being superficial it moves on the surface of life. It gives the shadow and not the substance of reality. The hidden depth of the ocean of life can be gauged only by the plumber of the heart.

April 27th

Although I would not be worth loving if I were not aware of someone's unexpressed love for me, why should anyone who wishes to express it be compelled to do so through some office or organisation.
My office should be the heart of everyone who loves me. The heart of each one should be my shrine, and my lover the priest of that temple of love. Such a temple comes first and the priest afterwards.

April 28th

Life is not meant to be rich in spiritual significance at some distant date but is so at every moment, if the mind is free of illusions. It is only through a clear and tranquil mind that the true nature of spiritual INFINITY is grasped as something which is not yet to be but which already has been, is and ever will be an eternal self-fulfilment.
When every moment is rich with eternal significance there is neither a clinging to the dead past, nor a longing expectation for the future, but an integral living in the eternal NOW. It is only through such living that the spiritual Infinity of the Truth can be realized in life.

April 29th

Through the ages a single life impulse (individualized soul) gradually becomes more conscious as it expresses itself through myriad forms. The consciousness thus developed is the possession of the mind and it does not vanish with the disappearance of the physical vehicle.

April 30th

The physical form also evolves as consciousness unfolds. Bodily forms emerge one after another in continuous and ascending order, so that the total consciousness might develop progressively through a fitting progression of form vehicles.
Consciousness is not a coincidental product of physiological processes but the very reason for the existence of all forms.

May 1st

122. SLEEP
Sleep is the means by which the mind withdraws temporarily from the pressure exerted by its age-old load of impressions and desires.
Through sleep the mind refreshes itself temporally for further participation in the game of "becoming self-conscious". If the self were completely aware of its true God-nature during waking consciousness it would find no need to withdraw into self-forgetfulness of sleep. Its spontaneous joy would be an eternal well spring of divine refreshment.

May 2nd

123. SLEEP
Sleep does confer positive benefit. Due to the fact that the separate "I - consciousness" is in complete abeyance during sleep, the individual soul is in actual union with the infinite SELF. When sleep is dreamless, the individual soul is resting in the undisturbed tranquility of the most original beyond-beyond state of God. But inasmuch as sleep is a submergence of consciousness into oblivion, it does not bestow upon the soul the conscious realization of the truth that the soul will eventually experience when consciousness is freed of all impressions, good as well as bad.

May 3rd

All the suffering of mankind through commercialism comes from catering to the outer shell of man. We lavish our bodies with things that feed the false ego more and more, while the true Self that is buried under all the debris has to struggle more and more to free itself ... ... materialism is a great burden.

May 4th

Every heart that loves Me continues, regardless of the presence or absence of institutions, to remain my ashram for my work ...................
Every being is a point from which a start could be made towards the limitless Ocean of Love, Bliss, Knowledge and Goodness already with him. No spiritual Master brings religion to the world in the form which it eventually assumes.

May 5th

Scientific truths concerning the physical body and its life in the gross world, can become a medium for the soul to know itself, but to serve this purpose, they must be properly fitted into the framework of spiritual understanding, which includes a perception of true and lasting values. For example, the more one tries to understand God, one understands Him less and less. How can He who is beyond explanation, be expressed? His being infinitely simple has rendered Him infinitely difficult to understand. The secret is that one has to become what one already is.

May 6th

The aim of life is to love God.
The goal of life is to become one with God. To do this you have not to renounce the world, but to renounce the low desires, dishonesty and hypocrisy.
Then in the midst of activities you will be loving God as He should be loved .............
God alone is real and the goal of life is to be united with Him through love.

May 7th

Those who are raw in love do not know of the pain they give to their Beloved. That love which gives the slightest bit of burden to the Beloved is not love. (Words of a ghazal.)

"The lover says, I am trying to make my heart pure, but I do not expect any reward."

May 8th

The way of Love is a continual sacrifice and what gets sacrificed are the lovers' thoughts of "I", until at last comes the time when the lover says:
"0 Beloved! Will I ever become one with you and so lose myself forever? But let this be only if it is your will." This is the stage of love enlightened by obedience.

May 9th

(Words of a ghazal.)
"The true lover has no interest in palaces and things of this world. For him each breath he draws reveals to him a new world."
Repeating my name is not enough, it should be done with all love and faith. You should continue to love Me more and more. It is true that man can become God just through loving ME.

May 10th

Those who stop into the domains of Love think that they have reached the destination. Only God knows what a foolish thought it is. Hafiz says that when he walked on the beach, he thought he had already found the Pearl; but little did he know that he would have to face the waves, the storms and whirlpools and that he would have to dive deep into the ocean before getting the Pearl.

May 11th

Think always of Me whatever you may be doing; then gradually you will realize that it is I doing everything through you. "I" the doer, not you. What concern need you have then with results .............We are all, each of us meant to be happy. Our life is by God's Grace and happiness is that which makes us feel that we are One with God.

May 12th

133. A LETTER (from a letter to a disciple)
The true understanding of Love is the growth of consciousness of many of its various aspects, as they open out to tender loving hearts that receive and respond and are ever eager to pass it on lovingly to others who need it......Love is above all, and always triumphs.
There is no Sadhana greater than Love, there is no law higher than love. God and love are identical and one who has Divine Love has reached God.

May 13th

134. TRUTH
Truth is simple, but illusion makes it infinitely intricate.
The person is rare who possesses an insatiable longing for Truth; the rest allow illusion to bind them ever more and more.
God alone is real and all else that you see is nothing but a series of nothings.
I am nearer to you than your own breath. Remember Me and I am with you and my Love will, guide you.

Day 14th

Love is dynamic in action and contagious in effect. Pure Love is matchless in majesty, it has no parallel in power and there is no darkness it cannot dispel. It is the undying flame that has set life aglow.
The lasting emancipation of man depends upon his love for God and upon God's love for one and all.

May 15th

The prayer God hears is the prayer of the heart, that raising of the heart, that suffering of the heart is what God pays attention to; certainly it is foolish to rely upon the usual religious practices and ritual. What matters is your heart, the prayer that arises from your hearts, that is the prayer that Baba hears.

May 16th

I cannot expect you to understand what I want you to know all at once. It is my charge to awaken you from time to time through the ages, sowing the seed in your limited minds, which, in due course and with proper attention on your part, must germinate, flourish and bear that fruit of true knowledge which is your birthright.
On the other hand if, led by your ignorance, you persist in going your own way, none can stop the course of progress you have chosen. That too is progress which leads you after innumerable incarnations to realize what I want you to know now.

May 17th

Constant prayer and selfless service are both vital in turning the mind away from worldly things and directing it towards spirituality...... Under all circumstances hold fast to my undying Love and you will live in me for ever......
The contact of a saint, the service of humanity, the repetition of God's Name, these three combined are the highest possible yogas or religious practices.

May 18th

If you become addicted to God, then all of your problems are solved. Go on drinking the Love of God until you become ONE with God. It is good to be addicted to the Love of God ..................
I am constantly eyeing your obedience to Me, because it is futile to have Love from the whole world in the absence of obedience from you......
It is easy to Love Me because I am Love, but it is difficult to Love Me with that love by which I am attained.

May 19th

140. SIGHT
If you feel very keen to "see" Me, then believe Me, that I am all the more most eager to let you "see" once and for all. If and when that happens it will happen quite unawares, and all of a sudden, and yet it will be at the moment exactly fixed for that to happen.

May 20th

He who gets control over the mind gets everything under control. He who has completely brought his mind under control is a true Yogi.
It is the mind that makes us slaves to worldly desires.
The chief props and agents of Maya are Kama, Krodh and Lobh, (lust, anger and greed). Unless and until you subjugate them it is impossible for you to enter upon the Path that leads to Union with God.

May 21st

As a single object seems to multiply itself to him who is drunk to excess, so Unity appears as plurality to those who are intoxicated with the wine of egoism.
The Supreme Soul - Paramatman - God, is nowhere to be searched for. For He is very near you; He is with you. Seek Him within. You could easily see Him were it not for the four big "Devils" that stand in your way. They are egoism, lust, anger and greed.

May 22nd

Nature never has been, never will be, and never is at war with man. It seems as if she is at war with man because he violates her laws. No individual and no nation can break her laws with impunity....
Although the one sun God, who is without a second, shines at all times without a moment's break on all forms, animate as well as inanimate, you are unable to see Him even for a moment, because you are imprisoned in a cell of ignorance coated with desires.

May 23rd

The God-Man neither thinks nor desires. Through Him, the Divine will flows inevitably into perfect manifestation, passing directly from the Spiritual body which, in the ordinary human being, is undeveloped into physical expression. For Him, the super-conscious is the normal state of consciousness.
From Him there flows continuously infinite love and wisdom, infinite joy and peace and power.

May 24th

The Perfect Master is Himself a fire, Divine Fire, that burns up all dross in His Presence. He exacts the highest that He knows the individual is capable of giving, and the highest can be known not to the individual but to the Perfect ONE, who sees, not the small ego only, but Himself within
If borne willingly, physical and mental suffering can make one worthy of receiving spiritual healing. Consider mental and physical suffering as gifts from God, which, if accepted gracefully lead to everlasting happiness.

May 25th

We should once and for all understand that no amount of learning, reading, teaching, reasoning and preaching, can give us Liberation. Vedantic expressions, Sufi talks, mystical words and philosophical statements take us nowhere spiritually. Religious conferences, spiritual societies and the so-called universal brotherhood are apt to bind the Soul, rather than free it.

Only when we transcend intellect and enter the domain of Love, can we aspire for Liberation. When love for God reaches its zenith we lose ourselves in the Beloved God and attain Eternal Liberation.
Liberated ones are ever free from all illusory attachments. Good and bad, virtue and vice, cannot pollute the Ocean of Divine Truth.

May 27th

There are individual as well as national and universal problems which need the spiritual guidance of Perfect Masters and Avatars. Age after age, these God-men guide humanity thru their Divine Messages. Even after the absence of their physical bodies, these Messages are carried to the remotest corners of the world by their disciples, devotees and followers, who spread the Beloved's word, even at the cost of life. Throughout the ages these Divine Messages have been many, but the essence of one and all has always been - Divine Love.

May 28th

The Avatars and Perfect Masters give their divine guidance and protection to the human race and the world in their own unique and imperceptible ways, which are beyond the grasp of human intellect. The Perfect Masters are the true Saviours of mankind, and not of the selected few on1y. Their love and grace alone sustain the universe.

May 29th

I want love, nothing else! Love ME and let God love us. That is what I want. When you love Baba, God will love you and God's loving means everything. So Baba is very happy. One who is the humblest of the humble is the greatest of the great. But it has to be in all
honesty, in all truth .... so let us love, love, love; all else is illusion.
I am in you all. But I only can enter your heart when you have driven out everything else. I am God. I am in you all. But I feel shy; I do not enter your heart if I find there the slightest impurity.

May 30th

When one remains fully and completely resigned to the Divine Will of God, all service, sacrifice, solitude, seeking and surrenderance merely symbolize one's love for God ........... The Body suffers, the mind is
tormented but the soul experiences bliss in working for Baba........
Difficulties give us the opportunity to prove our greatness by overcoming them.
May 31st
True obedience to one's Master is the greatest and closest of bindings which must inevitably bring in its wake the greatest of all freedoms - the freedom of the soul ...................
I am like a wall, doing nothing. You are to throw the ball and catch it, so throw it in such a way as will enable you to handle its rebound easily without straining yourself.
June 1st

Man has a tendency to cling to catchwords and to allow his actions to be determined by them mechanically without bringing his actions into direct relation to the living perception these words embody. Words have their own place and use in life; but if action is to be intelligent it is necessary that the meaning these words are intended to convey should be carefully analyzed and understood.
June 2nd

Spiritual progress is not a process of accumulating from without; it is a process of unfoldment from within. The Master is absolutely necessary for anyone to arrive at Self-Knowledge; but the true significance of the help given by the Master consists in the fact that he enables others to come into the full possession of their own latent possibilities.
June 3rd

When I speak it will be only one Divine Word; but it will be the Word of Words or the Manifestation of Truth.
This word will have to be hearkened to by the heart and not merely by the mind. It will go home to you and bring you the Awakening.
June 4th

I am the joy in your heart and the despair of your mind - for Love can attain that which the intellect cannot fathom....
Inscribe these words on your heart. Nothing is real but God, nothing matters but love for God.

June 5th

"I am the New Christ. You have waited and waited
for Me for a long time.
I am the real Guide.
You will know Me. You will see Me.
You will feel Me.
My word is power.
My thought is action.

Meet Me with open heart and I shall reveal myself to you. I reveal myself to all in experience.
I have come to this world to achieve the new wonder of spiritual resurrection.

June 6th

To have my real Darshan is to find me. The way to find me is to find your abode in me. And the only one and sure way to find your abode in me is to love me. To love me as I love you, you must become recipient of my grace. Only my grace can bestow the gift of Divine Love.

June 7th

159. GRACE
To receive my grace, you must obey me wholeheartedly with the firm foundation of unshakable faith in me.
And you can only obey me spontaneously as I want when you completely surrender yourselves to me so that my wish becomes your law and my love sustains your being.
Age after age, many aspire for such a surrender, but only very few really attempt to surrender themselves to me completely as I want.

June 8th

160. LOVE
Love is essentially self-communicative; those who do not have it catch it from those who have it. Those who get love from others cannot be its recipients without giving a response which in itself is of the nature of Love. True love is unconquerable and irresistible; and it goes on gathering power and spreading itself until eventually it transforms everyone whom it touches.

June 9th

Question: Why is it necessary to have the aid of a Perfect Master in order to attain to Perfection?
BABA. Only a Perfect Master, who is the veritable incarnation of
Divinity, can awaken in the individual the fire of Divine Love, which consumes in its flames the lesser desires of the body, mind and world, all of which must be completely relinquished before Perfection can be realized.

June 10th

If you maintain a tight and lasting grip on my daaman, you will remain with ME on the highest of levels or the lowest, wherever I may be.... So long as you keep your grip tight it matters little whether you are a saint or a sinner.... It is now for you to decide whether to hold on to My daaman, believing in Me and remaining devoted to ME, by following My orders and instructions.
(Note: "He that believeth in Me shall have everlasting life." Jesus)

June 11th
According to Baba, an illiterate rustic and a learned philosopher are both equally in the domain of ignorance, as both fail to understand the Real Life which is not to be lived until the last vestige of illusion vanishes. Baba never tires of upholding the fact that God cannot be imagined or understood thru the intellect. Yet while pointing out the limitations of the intellect, Baba employs sound reasoning to convince us that man can find God, man can see God, and above all man can more naturally become infinitely-conscious God than he is finitely-conscious man.

June 12th

It is your devotion that has made me come to the West during the period of my seclusion.
If anything ever touches MY universal heart it is Love.
I have crossed the limited earthly oceans to bring to you all the limitless shoreless Divine Ocean of Love.
Those who do not dare to love ME seek safety on the shores.
You who have been loving ME are swimming in the Divine Ocean. Love ME more and more till you get drowned in me. Dive deep and you will gain the priceless pearl of Infinite Oneness.

June 13th

Once you open your wings to fly,
You must fly straight like the swan
Do not flit from tree to tree like the sparrow,
Or many things will distract you on the way,
And the journey is long.
June 14th

One who hears
the music of God in his heart
such wonderful music,
for it is the Original music -
loses his bodily consciousness
and sees God everywhere.

June 15th

If those who love ME will just for one minute, as now, be silent in their minds just before they go to bed, and think of ME and picture ME in the silence of their minds, and do that regularly, then this veil of ignorance that we have will disappear and this bliss that I speak of and which all long for, we shall experience.
Once you see God within you, you get that conviction (of God) there is no more doubt. Then there is the experience of infinite bliss.

June 16th

Powers have no importance. Hafiz says that the one who does not lay his life at the feet of a Perfect Master cannot know God. It is very difficult to become one with God. The Master's grace makes it very easy, but to get his grace is as difficult as trying to realize God by one's own efforts. It becomes easy once one becomes a slave at the feet of the Perfect Master. Ages of restlessness get eased as soon as one surrenders his life at His feet. This does not mean cutting off one's head and putting it at the feet of the Master. It means literal obedience (absolute surrender in love.)

June 17th

Although the whole Universe is Illusion yet it is governed by law; and that law deals with every detail. We cannot escape from the law of karma. But when we transcend illusion, the law does not bind us any longer.... The grace of the God-man is like the rain which equally falls on all lands, irrespective of whether they are barren or fertile; but it fructifies only in lands which have been rendered fertile through arduous and patient toiling.

June 18th
170. KARMA
Every action that you do binds you ..... every little action whether good or bad. The good action also binds you, but you are bound then, let us say, by a chain of gold - and if the actions are bad then you are bound, say by a chain of steel.
Christ said, "Leave all and follow ME." What did that mean? But the meaning behind it was not to leave all these things; not to renounce the world. It was to obey. Leave all thoughts, your own thoughts, your selfish thoughts and simply obey ME. Then you are liberated, you are free. But if you cannot, then more and more bindings are created, for every action creates a binding.

June 19th

Life is a positive manifestation of the True Existence which negative death cannot extinguish. To end the ceaseless succession of lives and deaths, death itself has to be annihilated in life ............
I cannot expect you to understand all at once what I want you to know. It is for me to awaken you from time to time throughout the ages, which must in due course and with proper heed and care on your part, germinate, flourish and bear the fruit of that true knowledge which is inherently yours to gain.

June 20th

It is the birthright of every human being to be happy, but most feel miserable. It is due to the load of sanskaras or impressions gathered throughout evolution. In our evolution through all the forms, stone, worm, bird, fish, etc., we gather impressions. Once human consciousness is gained, then there is full consciousness. After that, it is only a question of directing one's attention to the "I", in order to become free.

(Note: "I" or the SELF, highest self.)

June 21st

Everyone can be happy, but some feel happy and some feel miserable. Those who constantly want something will never feel happy. Misery is bound to accompany wanting. Those who never want for themselves but for others, they can feel happy. Why? Because they want others to feel happy. God who is in everything, and everyone, is deaf to formal rituals, ceremonies, prayers in mosques, churches, temples: but HE HEARS THE VOICE OF THE HEART.
When you help others God knows instantly and is pleased. No amount of prayer or meditation can do what helping others can do.

June 22nd

It is love alone which can lift the veil between a lover and the Beloved. Believe me, you and I remain divided by nothing but the veil of you, yourself! From the beginning of all beginnings I have been saying, I say it now, and to the end of ends I will say it, that he who loves God, becomes God.

June 23rd

For twelve years no word has passed my lips. Yet I am never silent. I speak eternally. The voice that is heard deep within the soul is my voice, the voice of inspiration, of intuition, of guidance. Through those who are receptive to this voice I speak.

June 24th

The Sufis differentiate between Qaza (destined occurrences) and Qadar (impulsive or accidental happenings). Every happening in the universe is a materialization of the divine Original whim....
Perfect Masters and the Avatar can change the happenings which were destined by the Original whim so as to give beauty and charm to a rigid determination.
When a Perfect Master intervenes in the Divine Plan, his intervention is on a limited scale. The Avatar's intervention is on a Universal scale.
The Avatar does not change individual destinies, but may do so in exceptional cases from His all-encompassing point of view.

June 25th

To experience your real Self is the goal. You are and you ever will be. There is no one else but you. Instantly, in a flash, you will know everything, including why you have no beginning and no end. But this knowing will have nothing to do with mind, reason, logic. It is beyond mind. You know the answer to everything, you know that nothing has happened and nothing will ever happen. You then experience bliss, you become all powerful, all-knowing.

June 26th

178. NUR (words of a song)
The singer tells of the infinite effulgence of God's being contained in human form as Muhammad, as Jesus the Christ, as Baba. The infinite bottled up in human form.... The God-man is the ocean of Unity, and the saints are the pearls in the ocean.... And the Christian mystics, each one of whom was my gem, each was a lover of God. He was their theme. Jesus was their Beloved and they did nothing but love their Beloved. They were burning with love that burned their sins to ashes.

June 27th

Ignorance in all its forms has to disappear if the soul is to be established in self-knowledge; therefore it is necessary for man to know that which is false, to know it as false and to get rid of it....
The conflicts upon ordinary matters are rarely brought to the surface of consciousness, so that they cast a shadow on life from, as it were, behind a screen. Such conflicts have to be brought to the surface and faced.

June 28th

180. WORDS
Do not give undue importance to explanations and discourses. Words fail to give any meaning to REALITY, because when one supposes that one has understood, one has not understood; one is far from understanding anything so far as Reality is concerned. REALITY is beyond human understanding (SAMAJ) for it is beyond intellect. Understanding cannot help because God is beyond understanding. The moment you try to understand God you "misunderstand" Him; you miss Him when you try to understand Him. Intellect must go before knowledge dawns.

June 29th

The consuming of freedom and bindings means that there is a complete blending of the God-state and the man-state, so that one does not live through opposition to the other .........
Spiritual freedom is essentially a positive state of conscious enjoyment of divinity .....

June 30th

I am the Ancient One, the One residing in every heart. Therefore love others, make others happy, serve others, even at discomfort to yourself, this is love to Me. I suffer for the whole universe. I must suffer infinitely; unless I suffered how could I ask my LOVERS to suffer for others? I am One with all on every level; I am One with all on every level of consciousness; and I am beyond all planes of consciousness.