Meher Baba says   "Why is it so difficult to find God? It is because you are looking for something you have never lost."


Jive On

Meher Baba pointing to a big black ant crawling on the floor said,
"Do you think the consciousness of this ant could comprehend a human being?"


Rare Film

In late November, Adi even went to a screening of some of the footage at the Sarosh Cinema in Ahmednagar.
What has happened to that footage in the intervening years I personally do not know.


Meher Baba

She would very willingly be involved in the work, but often we noticed her sitting motionless, a sadra or a coat in her lap, in deep reverie, silent tears running down her cheeks.


Sheriar 1996

Imagine a person just hearing about Baba 100 years from now and wanting to know as much as possible about the Beloved.



Mahapralaya & Destruction
From an accounting with the Ancient One, Sheela Kalchuri Fenster

“You will see it with your own eyes. Areas that are usually dry will flood suddenly.
There won’t be enough food for people.
When the Mahapralaya comes, all the evil in the world will be destroyed.
So many will die. They will die like ants.”

Baba added, “Sometimes when you dream, you are not just spending sanskaras.
There are hints to the future in your dreams.”

Pesky Sanskaras






” Baba mentioned that when the Mahapralaya occurred, three-fourths of the world would be destroyed, but those who remained would be honest, devoted souls who never lie or cheat each other. “These lovers of God who survive will create a better world,” Baba stated. “Today, even though I want to save people from their own actions and all the resulting bad things that are happening in the world, I cannot because it is their sanskaras that are causing them to act in this way. Even if you try to tell them, they won’t listen.”

By action performed with the desire for a result the sanskara is created, Thus Baba warning to desire endlessly but refrain from putting the desire into action.
Source Lord Meher



Sheriar Irani



from the Sevencolorsofmusic . com this lively paragraph:

"Many ancient traditions hold the number seven to be basic in their cosmology, for example, the idea of seven heavens arranged in a hierarchy. Your goal is to advance through them, to reach the seventh heaven where the ultimate divinity resides. In scriptural references, seven symbolizes perfect completion or a perfect whole." 

and so it is with the Seven and the musical spheres


Meher Baba would discourse 1932 'with the start of the original whim in the Beyond, Beyond state of God – there was a clash between Matter (Akash) and Energy (Pran), and Energy’s powers were divided into seven forces.


And then there was/is/always will be the One Reality and His Necklass of Infinite Zeros