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In the past very few imagined that in the future there would be an audience wanting to hear in oral history archive tradition the spoken word from Meher Baba devotees their personal stories. Charles Morton and a few others elected to capture those events. Fortunately from that night long ago Charles Morton was there at the Avatar Meher Baba Center Los Angeles to record this memorable Darwin Shaw conversation. The Oral History Archive Project's goal is to collect, manage, and preserve these priceless media assets and present those collections to His children in audio and video fashion.







A passage from mandali member Bal Natu’s manuscript  Our Constant Companion  Darwin Shaw comments  "Under Meher Baba's directions our family moved down to Myrtle Beach to look after the Meher Center on the Lakes and Elizabeth's house in town while Elizabeth and Norina were in India. We were there for one year, from Sept. 12, 1948, to Sept. 12, 1949.

Darwin Shaw

"During our stay in Myrtle Beach, I was very busy with many activities at the Center, but nearly every day I would find time to go to the beautiful location where Baba's house was to be built and spend a few moments looking out over the lake and toward the ocean beyond, trying to tune in to Beloved Baba in far off India.

"During those precious moments I felt a special rapport with Baba. It seemed as though He was aware of my reaching out to Him, from the heart, and was lovingly responding with His presence. Sometimes, when thinking about those moments with Baba, I would wonder if it was really as it seemed to be, or if it was just my imagination.

"About a year and a half later, in 1952, when Baba was at the Center, He gave me the answer. One day He had our family get into the station wagon with Him, near the kitchen, and He then directed Adi to drive us up along the lake to His house. As we got out of the station wagon, Baba pointed to the view and we said, 'Yes, Baba, it's a beautiful view.'

"Then He quickly walked over to the steps at the porch entrance to the house and walked up the steps, turning around as He reached the little platform at the top He snapped His fingers to catch my attention and as I looked at Him, He raised His right arm, bending it at the elbow, with His index finger extended. Then, as He slowly lowered His arm, He looked at me with an expression which seemed to ask, 'Do you get it?'

"I caught His thought immediately and exclaimed, 'Why Baba you are reminding me of how I used to come here and think of you!' He nodded affirmatively and motioning us to follow Him, led us into His house.

"Thus Baba confirmed that our inner relationship with Him is a valid one and not just our imagination."



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