What is a sanskara? Where did the sanskara comes from? What came before the beginning of the first sankara?





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                Ward Park's Tiffin Lecture Scrap Book Entry:


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jai baba


I have the actual experience of it today and feel the universe and creation emanating and projecting out of me. I feel all today that which I had a mere glimpse of then. Creation evolves and involves only re-evolving again. It is a never-ending game! I’ve explained it all in detail in my book. Even scientists will be astonished to learn the secrets explained there – not vague talks, but facts, substantiated and supported by scientific arguments. It will be the future Bible – not in the literal sense – but a book of understanding for people of all religions.
From Bhau Kalchuri's Lord Meher


This world of ours is nothing but a most finite speck in the Speck. Although to you it appears to be worlds and universes, for me it is nothing – not even a tiny speck. Scientists will gradually come to know what I have been saying for many years and am repeating today. It is not possible to see all the universes and worlds. They are not visible even with the most modern means. Nor will it be possible for man to reach them or contact them; yet, scientists will come to know about it.
From Bhau Kalchuri's Lord Meher



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