The Archive Radio Hour features tales of the Beloved and the stories behind the stories
Broadcasting over endless Sanskara points throughout the Infinities
The aural emphasis on the Archive Radio Hour is to capture the echo of infinities’ higher
planes ever present within the audio imprint


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Sadguru Meher

This stations format is sacredly-traditional gnostically-mystical illuminating all the great prophets with a multiplicity of audio channels for the spiritual seeker.  During the Golden Age of Kalki Radio, many shows that would hardly be considered sacred and spiritual these gifts from the Ancient One would be unrecognized quietly resting deep within Sound. That discussion of nested audio imprints and the original Sound possibly belongs to those beyond the fifth plane.  


Meher Baba Radio Show


Ward Parks Discourses Sessions
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Our focus is on those shows that were dynamically collected using a diversity of recording artifacts. And of course, we have no direct connection with non-dramatic religious programming such as dogmatic fundamentalist sermons originating from the miscellanea of sanskarically charged religious enclaves. In this archive audio library we'll focus on the beginning of the golden age emerging through Meher Baba Manifesting. The Archive Radio Show is a series of programs born out of creation’s endless world wars forever engaging the attentions of gross conscious beings.



Radio Show

The topics of the audio episodes are of multifarious hues. While there were a few episodes that are directly based on Advent stories, more often Meher Baba’s teachings about the Eternal Now are used as a source for audio enlightenment. In addition, the audio series focuses extensively on the history of Meher Baba’s Advent, the disciples, the devotees, the good folks, their trials and tribulations, as well as the lives of the perfect ones.


Sadguru Radio Show


Ward Parks God Speaks Sessions
Ward Parks Session One God Speaks Morning Session
Ward Parks Session Two God Speaks Afteroon Session
Ward Parks Session Three God Speaks Morning Session
Ward Parks Session Four God Speaks Afteroon Session
Ward Park Session Five God Speaks Morning Session
Ward Parks Session Six God Speaks Afternoon Session
Ward Parks Session Seven God Speaks Morning Session
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Charts, Images, Graphs - the Divine Theme and the Creation
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God Speaks Divine Theme Charts Graphs Commentary God Speaks

In these Manifestation stories the focus is on the life and time of Lord Meher. Many of these collections of audio transcriptions the commentators tell stories directly from the life of the Ancient One, some with dramatized parables, and others focus on how the hearers of Meher Baba may have applied His lessons to their own lives in this the end of the Kali Yuga, the emerging crescendos of Meher Baba Manifesting.


Ezad Radio Station


Ward Parks Infinite Intelligence Sessions
Ward Parks Session One Session One Day One
Ward Parks Session Two Session Two Day Two
Ward Parks Session Three God Speaks Silent Infinite Intelligence
Ward Parks Session Four Session Four Day Four

Both the parables and the incidents from the advent works were expanded using audio forensic tools, research, and dramatic liberties to take what may be a few incidents out of the this Divine Incarnations history and make it into a audio episodes. The results are good with the incidents, the parables, the stories from the original point of into overlays of the audio history through introspective actualized dialog.


Sadguru Worship



Tiffin Diaries

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Tiffin Session Two
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Radio Hour

Work in Progress
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The God Speaks Audio Libraries in Video Format Covering 7 Sessions. Sessions are morning/ afternoon then the next morning/ afternoon then the next morning /afternoon then the last session. Uploads in progress. Vimeo allows only one per week with the Pro Account.


God Speaks

God Speaks Video Assets
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Marc Brutus Rendering Francis Brabazon's
Stay with God

Marc Brutus Audio Libraries
Stay with God Sessions
Stay with God Session One Audio Asset Rendering One
Stay with God Session Two Audio Asset Rendering Two
Stay with GodSession Three Audio Asset Rendering Three
Stay with God Session Four Audio Asset Rendering Four
Stay with God Session Five Audio Asset Rendering Five
Stay with God Session Six Audio Asset Rendering Six
Stay with God Session Seven Audio Asset Rendering Seven
Stay with God Session Eight Audio Asset Rendering Eight

Be as it May

Review the Original Edition ( ) and  Lawrence Reiter's Edition MANifestation Inc. (2004)

There are 7,000 highly advanced or mentally developed human beings on Earth in the various seven planes of involution. These 7,000 human beings in involution have very powerful minds and have developed various occult or mental powers depending
upon their varying high level of involutionary development. Their mental faculties have become very powerful because their inner mind has become purified and they use their mental powers for the benefit of the world.

Some live in a brilliance of an existence brighter than a billion suns. Some live in a brilliance of an existence brighter, more brilliant than a trillion suns of a universe. Some live in a brilliance of an existence brighter, more brilliant than a million universes.
Some live in a brilliance of an existence brighter, more brilliant than a trillion universes.
Most of these advanced human beings are hidden from the world. These 7,000 human beings use the brilliance of their mental powers for the benefit of mankind and other living beings where they live. These 7,000 human beings are alive on Earth in different parts
of the world at this very moment in time.

As various human beings enter the highest state of Nirvana-Nirvikalpa and are liberated from the Universe, other worthy human beings join to always number 7,000. And within the brilliance of the mind of the Enlightened One, the Buddha, is a// the light of the entire universe!

In an average human being,which are most people on Earth, passive thoughts are more numerous than active thoughts. The normal man or woman lives mostly resigned to inactivity; he or she is, in fact,active very little in the mental sense. Even while a man or woman is at work in an office or in a factory, his or her real activity of mind or consciousness is confined to a few periods of very short duration.

This means the normal human being lives in a subconscious state even while he is awake and working or socializing, and this, in turn, translates to mean that the normal person is asleep. In the midst of a normal man's everyday work or socializing, only a few conscious moments intermittently occur, and the active-conscious mind thinking during these conscious moments discharges a flash of force compelling the body to move.

Collective Collection Notes Images and the Various, Miscellaneous, Mixed, Diverse, Diversified - all things Sundry.



Meher Baba